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• Our door dimensions are as follows: Height: 200 cm, Width: 90 cm, Frame Depth: 18-24 cm (adjustable) (Dimensions may vary according to your preferences).
The door frames are made of 1.5 mm CCR-6112 Ereğli A-1 DKP sheet steel, with embedded rubber seals and recessed lock fittings.
• The door wings are made of 1.5 mm CCR-6112 Ereğli A-1 DKP sheet steel, with a solid panel construction and reinforced with 5 10 cm strips.
• The box frame with a wing edge of 12 cm has a beam thickness of 7 cm.
• Door panels can be manufactured as first-class walnut rustic wood.
• Our frames and wings are painted in a fully automated spray and washing line with static paint facility at 200-220°C.
• Our door metal paints are 'POLYESTER STATIC' and come with a 5-year warranty, and the color choice will be made according to the wing color.
• Our door locks use the Kale brand monoblock lock system. (Lock systems are optional.)
• Hinge sides are reinforced with 6 security pins. Plastic caps are used for the pin counterparts.
• Our door accessories can be chosen as first-class brass, satin, or yellow. (Accessories can be diversified according to the door model.)
• The door leaf is equipped with a glass lens peephole with a 180-degree field of view and a safety latch.
• Our doors are equipped with 3 ball-bearing lubricated hinges.
• The packaged net weight of the Elit series door is 90-100 kg. Adhesive seals are used around the leaf.
• Our doors have a 2-year warranty according to TSE standards, and the materials used are guaranteed for 5-10 years by the manufacturers.

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